Sealy Soccer Factory (SSF) was formed to provide the highest quality private soccer training to help develop kids into complete soccer players. At SSF, we believe in taking a holistic approach to player development, placing emphasis not only on skill but other areas such as technique, speed, agility, coordination, fitness, strength, decision-making, finishing, and overall game awareness. Incorporating all these different areas not only makes our program unique, but has also been proven to accelerate the overall development of the athlete for the demands of the modern game.


Our primary focus remains identifying and enhancing areas of the game that have been proven to help players compete at a higher level. These areas include technique, skill, speed, agility, strength (ages 10+), conditioning, coordination, decision-making, game awareness, speed of play, speed of thought, understanding the value of possession, and confidence. ​​

U.S. Soccer - New Player Development Initiatives 

Many of you may already be aware of the new initiatives from U.S. Soccer regarding player development. One of these initiatives places greater emphasis on small sided games to increase the number of touches on the ball, as well as promote faster decision-making and better awareness. Phase 3 at SSF (small sided games) allows players to gain an edge by learning how to take advantage of time and space in confined areas of the field. With this format being mandated by the federation as early as 2016, it will become of greater importance for players to develop their technical skills in order to thrive in such an intense environment. At SSF we offer this unique training element that will surely benefit kids of all ages and skill levels. 


Group Size

At SSF we believe in ensuring that players are in constant contact with the ball. Players should develop a feel for the ball that becomes very natural overtime. Our small groups allow us to monitor each player closely. It is our goal to ensure that we create an atmosphere that is fun, and also one that helps develop a strong work ethic. The high intensity of SSF's hour-long sessions provides the platform necessary to see steady improvement and preparedness for the game.

Training Format

Each week our training program is broken down into 3 phases. These 3 phases are done in various ways to ensure important areas of the game are being emphasized with great consistency. It has been scientifically proven that consistent repetition in any activity turns into learned behavior. If players are given sound instruction and demonstration consistently, that learned behavior becomes habit. We believe in developing excellent training habits in players and making them aware of what is necessary to become a better overall soccer player. 

The 3 Phases of Training 

Phase I: Technical (Mon/Tues)

  • Passing
  • Controlling 
  • Ball handling/skill

Phase II: Speed/Finishing (Wed/Thur)

  • Agility 
  • Conditioning 
  • Strengthening (ages 10+)
  • Dynamic offensive and defensive movement 
  • 1v1

Phase III: Tactical/Small Sided 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 (Fri)

  • Maintaining possession
  • Game awareness(understanding time/space)
  • Freedom of expression
  • High intensity (offense/defense)
  • Confidence building