areas covered

​​​Phase I (Mon/Tue)

  • Technical/Tactical/Psychological 
  • Dynamic ball mastery/skill
  • Cognitive dribbling sequences
  • High intensity passing 1-2 touch
  • Receiving (body orientation) 
  • Aggressive movement/change of direction
  • Possession concepts (off ball movement)
  • Problem solving (tight spaces)
  • Small sided play (expressiveness)  

Phase II (Wed/Thurs)

  • Physical/Strength/Speed/Conditioning
  • Explosiveness (acceleration/deceleration)
  • Agility (changing directions)
  • Coordination
  • Functional finishing 
  • 1v1 duals 


  • 10% off - Referral discount
  • 20% off - Sibling discount
  • Referral discounts are applied when training packages are renewed and are non-recurring. 


  • 4 sessions  (1x/week) - $200
  • 8 sessions  (2x/week) - $285
  • 12 sessions (3x/week) - $360
  • Unlimited sessions - $400
  • Drop-in rate - $65 per session ​
  • Evaluation - $30 (based on availability)​


  • Must complete allotted sessions within training week
  • 24 hour notice required for cancellation
  • Make up sessions offered within same week based on availability 


  • Full Payment to be made before first training session
  • SSF accepts cash, checks, and credit cards
  • Please make checks payable to Sealy Soccer Factory
  • ​Effective Feb 1st, 2022, all credit cards payments will incur a 2.98% processing fee 

SSF is excited to announce the introduction of our homeschool/morning training program. We've now made our top class program more accessible to everyone. Whether you're homeschooled or looking for off campus activity, WE HAVE YOU COVERED!!  

Our morning will be a dynamic mixture of technical, tactical, physical and physiological implementations. We will create an environment where players can become more confident with the ball through explosive ball handling sequences, and also stimulate off the ball activity, allowing them to problem solve in multiple ways. SSF has proven to have the right blend of ball mastery, high technical proficiency and superior tactical acumen that separates our program from the rest.